BU TweetCreep April 21-28

CREEPS! I didn’t forget about you, I just procrastinated on a paper and didn’t have time!! Are you mad at me? Look I’m sorry! Don’t be mad at me! I’ll get you one of those edible arrangements that you love so much. Please don’t look at me like that.


I can’t really remember much cause of *~*SchoolWork*~* plus you guys don’t come here for news do you?

Everyone’s obsessed with/wants to burn Unicorn Frappes.

United killed this giant rabbit which truly freaks me out

Trump tax plans help the rich blah blah duh duh

Heineken’s new ad made me tear up

Marine Le Pen idk

The NFL has a new freshman class (can you tell I’m thinking about graduation?)


Why you now have to download Hulu (or at least find a good pirating site)

This couple-years-old review of Goodnight Moon will have you howling

Johnny Depp showed up at Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride as – who else – Jack Sparrow


Dude. You should know if you’re the parent. Come on. Maury that sitch kiddo.

Wait what? Yes I am surprised to know. I thought it was carbs and hope. Were all those marathoners fueled by retweets? Geez this is why I sleep so gd much! EVERYONE GO LIKE ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA SO I CAN GET OUT OF BED TOMORROW!!!

Oh my god. Pranks too? I’m so sorry. On behalf of the entire staff of The Quad I want to apologize for eroding truth. And for putting on the garb of truthfulness. I should instead don the poncho of falsehoods and the galoshes of shame. And the visor of satire. And the cufflinks of adultery. Idk what else do you guys want from me? I don’t have a ton of clothes.

This was retweeted by Chris Daly so I can include it! Also, **shudder** at this video. What a truly evil, evil dried apricot that man is. With his stupid little Colin Mochrie tufts of hair. I find it hard to believe he could father anything. I’m so mad at his existence. GO EMILY STEEL.

Speaking of Chris Daly, thank you for my education sir. I hope to god you never find out that I’m using my journalism training for this. INCREDIBLE BOONDOGGLE! I haven’t spoken the word boondoggle aloud since my box-stitch-lanyard-at-camp days. I was the coolest counselor because I kept everyone on schedule and made sure we left the gaga pit on time.

IT LOOKS LIKE THIS GATOR IS SOARING SKYWARDS!!!! I cannot stop watching this tiny movie. Thank you WTBU! They tried to burn you down but still you persisted and have gifted us with flying gators. I’m awestruck.

Please welcome to the stage: Sesame Bagel.

In the bagel challenge you got creamed, but on the runway you were everything.

*cue Bond theme* [lady robot voice] Now engaging, student shield.


B      U     SHUTTLE

^This may look confusing but I’m singing it out loud right now in my room and it’s so funny guys. You had to be there.

I am ghost drone. We are all ghost drone.



That’s my time! Enjoy this gif of Sarah Koenig dancing

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