Dorm Stories: 1019 Commonwealth Ave.

Overlooking West Campus, 1019 is a six-story brick building that houses approximately 270 students, mostly a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Acquired by Boston University in 1977 with only two floors, it was originally used for retail and art studios for CFA graduate students. In 1985, BU added four floors for student housing, while the CFA students were moved. Residential construction was completed by 1988. 1019 boasts suites for six, with each suite containing three doubles, a common area, and a bathroom connected to the common area. The dorm shares the building with BU’s Parking and Transportation office.

Pluses include laundry facilities and a multipurpose room, along with a quiet lobby. There is also a large study room with tables, couches, and a television. The closest dining hall is in West Campus’ Sleeper Hall.

“I’ve worked in all the dorms,” Charles Groover, dorm security, says. “This one is a nice place, quiet, good for studying.”

1019 is recommended for sophomores looking for an off-campus experience without actually living off-campus. There are private bathrooms, but no kitchen. According to current residents, it isn’t generally recommended to juniors and seniors, who might want a kitchen or the privacy that a single or an apartment with separate bedrooms would be able to provide.

“My experience with 1019 was awesome because I was able to share a suite with all of my best friends at BU,” Darien Long, COM ‘18, says of the dorm. “I feel like if roommates are chosen wisely, 1019 can be a great communal experience.”

So, if you’re looking for a clean, quiet, suite-style dorm for your living situation, 1019 is recommended.

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