The Secret House of Pancakes Serves Up Local Talent

The Dope Girls rocking out in the basement of the S.H.O.P., courtesy of PMC Records

Last weekend a new house venue emerged in Allston under the identity of the “Secret House of Pancakes.” Also nicknamed the S.H.O.P., the house is inhabited by a few local musicians and hopes to become a part of the basement show scene that is so important to talented local bands.

On Saturday October 2nd, the S.H.O.P. had its first official show, hosting a variety of musicians. The residence started the night off with their band Mr. Lee’s Defense Squad, a fun, folk-comedy group that enthusiastically sings songs about the swine flu and creates rap medleys over the interesting musical stylings of a melodica and ukulele. Next up were The Dope Girls, a Connecticut based band that has been getting increasingly involved in the DIY scene. Then Boston University students who make music under the names Skylife and Golden Melodies performed their folk-punk mix of originals and covers. Finally, another big player in the local music game The Thin Heir ended the show with sing a long vocals and folky guitar riffs.

A large, well varied crowd filled the basement and lined the stoop enthusiastically enjoying the scene. Everyone shouted along to the songs that they knew and still shouted encouragements to those that they didn’t. While the scene was generally calm for some songs, as the music picked up, so did the energy; attendees moshed between the cellar walls and washing machine as they listened.

While many basement shows happen in close-knit community settings and serve as meet-up spots for groups of friends, most are also welcoming to all and easy to become a part of. Boston is brimming with underground shows,  and they’re a great way to get to know new, young bands and even get a chance to be heard yourself. The S.H.O.P. is hoping to integrate itself into this culture, and with the successful first show there, it’s no doubt more fresh talent will make its way through.

For updates on their shows and general involvement, check out their facebook page!

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