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Arguably one of the most important words in a college students’ language. Lucky for us, Comm. Ave. is chock-full of restaurants for us to indulge in and fuel us for the 25 minute walk across campus. BU is broken down into three sections : East, Central and West. Today, I decided to tackle the east side.

Oh, East Campus. When I think of you, I think upperclassmen, Kenmore station and a little taste of real life; but, I don’t think of you often. I live on Babcock Street so I try to avoid the trek over as much as possible, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Despite my desire to stay on this side of the tracks, you still deserve some time in the spotlight, so, here we go.

I’ll be honest: food options on this side of campus are kind of slim in comparison to the many options Central Campus and West Campus have. Let’s start with the basics. Your strong-suites are definitely McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. These spots are cheap and tasty. So, if you’re looking for a quick lunch before class or a coffee to help you stay awake during that 4:30 lecture, these are for you. However, these locations do not take dining points, so, keep that in mind. If you need another quick stop that takes dining points, there is a Starbucks inside Questrom that you can visit once you have wrapped up business. Imagine how awesome the food will be if more campuses realize the importance of business cafeteria services in order to provide healthy food to its students and teachers.

If you’re ever looking for a nice, sit-down meal, you can head over to Uno. This place has a great atmosphere, and it’s a great place to watch sports and chat in a friendly environment. I will say, your wallet won’t be very happy after this meal. Prices are steep—about 16 dollars for chicken parmesan—but the portions will keep you VERY satisfied; the bang is worth the buck. Getting closer to campus is Scoozi, an Italian restaurant across the street from Questrom and right next to the Physics Department. Similar to Uno, this restaurant has some pricey meals, but great reviews. Feel free to get it to-go, sit outside, and watch the BU students struggle to catch the bus on time.

You can also head over to Qdoba grill if you’re craving some Mexican food. It has two locations: one by Kenmore station and the other by Agganis Arena. Let me be very upfront: I am from San Antonio, Texas (remember the Alamo, kids). If anyone is going to be the judge of authentic Mexican food, I think I am qualified. This definitely is not my go-to restaurant for Mexican food. I think I would rather go to Chipotle. However, despite my disdain, this is a quality place to escape dining hall food when you really need it.

Now for the grand finale: Marciano Commons. Also referred to as “Bae State,” this dining hall is the beautiful two-story, need your fingerprint-and-ID escape from the Luby’s Dinner-esque dining halls of Warren and West. Marciano has a sophisticated atmosphere, and because of its two levels, a wide variety of options for all you foodies. Six out of ten BU students said that Marciano was there favorite dining hall ( I would agree). Its pasta? Impeccable. Decor? Devine. Separation of utensils at the dish line? Exciting innovation.  Also, Beneath Marciano is a late night kitchen, Bay State Underground, which conveniently opens up at 7 p.m., unlike the other late night eateries on campus that open up at 10 p.m.

So, all in all, East Campus is a little sparse with food options, but we still have to give it some love. If you’re feeling like spending all your cash, head over to its variety of fast food chains and treat yourself to a nice sit down meal every once in a while. But, the best way to treat yourself to ambiance and a variety of meals is by eating at Marciano Commons. Use those meals, and use them well.

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