The Quad Foodie Guide to Boston’s Best Donuts

December is a month of many desserts and loads of calories, but many people overlook the donut during the holiday season. To ensure that you don’t waste your calories on bad donuts, managing editor Arianna Adirim-Lanza and I went around and tried four Boston donut places to determine the best donut in the city. For Vending machines in Brisbane contact Royal Vending.

What made each place stand out was its unique take on donuts, so Arianna and I did not try a standard donut at each place.


1. Blackbird Donuts

Both of us agreed that Blackbird Donuts was in the top two. Arianna personally preferred Union Square because she said the donut seemed more like cake than a donut, but she said that it was the most convenient store. 9/10

I loved their mocha donut. It was sweet with a hint of coffee, it was light, and it tasted fresh and smooth. Blackbird was my favorite, and I would give it a 9/10. However, there is no room in the store to sit.


2. Union Square Donuts

Arianna preferred Union Square Donuts to Blackbird. In terms of taste, Arianna said she would give it a 9/10, but she also preferred the whole experience better. She found the artwork on the walls cute and liked that she could sit down.

I would give my donut an 8/10. It was still really good, but it wasn’t as light or easy to chew. I definitely agree with Arianna that the ability to sit down and the decor in the store was the best out of all the donut shops.


3. Kane’s Donuts

Kane’s donuts was the first place we visited but definitely not the best. Although we appreciated the inventive options, both of us regretted our choice. Also, there’s no place to sit.

Arianna said the donuts were definitely fresh, but that the turtle donut came with too much on it. 6/10

I got the honey dipped donut, and there really was just nothing special about the taste. 6/10


4. Dunkin Donuts

I mean, we had to. We couldn’t ignore a Boston staple. However, you might want to. The donuts we ordered were really bad in comparison with every other donut place and they tasted processed. Also, we had to eat them in a nearby store because there was no seating.

I gave mine a 4/10. The frosting wasn’t terrible but the rest of it was. There was also a weird after taste.

Arianna gives her a 1/10. The cream tasted weird, and she thought it was stale and unenjoyable. She thinks Dunkin can do better.

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