BU TweetCreep Season Finale

Welp Creepers. This is it. My final (official) creep forever and eternity. I may continue in my spare time, but it will be silent and only in my own head for my own enjoyment. So, not that different from now. I will miss all three of you readers so dearly and tenderly for you are the lifeblood that sustains me and keeps me active on Facebook.

I’m not going to tell you the news because who are we kidding? You do not come here for the news. I’m not entirely sure I know why I kept the news in here every week. Maybe to maintain some kind of faux journalistic dignity? Anyway I’m leveling with you guys now, no national news.

Campus news however….

THINK TANK! God save the CAS Think Tank! An artfully (if confusingly) branded much-needed study space in the building we all spend most of our time in! No longer will we sit like sullen teens against the vast emptiness of useless lockers! TODAY WE RISE AND–wait are you kidding me, it’s seriously already full? Frick everything the universe sucks.

FINALS! Don’t worry team you’re going to be great I just know it. Here are some helpful clips from our archives in case that panic is really setting in:

Finals playlist circa 2011. Don’t judge ok?

Some sweet hidden study spots! I support all of these and would add the upper floors of Photonics. There’s some cool whiteboards and seriously awesome views. Also, lasers.

Procrastinated that paper? Here’s how to magically get it done in time.


Joyful link time!

This guy’s incredible Met Gala tweet thread. I said one of these jokes aloud and went to tweet it and it turned out he already did! Points to whomever figures out which joke!

This poetic documentation of the male species

How you can help get rape kits tested 

This adorable thing

We are all meat

The backfire effect

This marriage of academia and presidential absurdity 


And now, this:

I didn’t want to include this (due to how terrifying it is) but I had to sneak our loyal fave @BUDiningService into here somewhere and their tweets have been so functional lately it was tough to find a winner to make fun of! In all seriousness these guys are why I do what I do. Ya keep me young and hopeful @BUDiningService, stay gold, never change and HAGS, ily.

I GOT PATRICIA MURPHY! They got me. I’m such a Patricia. I’m definitely the officer Patricia Murphy of my friend group. She’s a mom of three!

How many cats? **please be cat mansion please be cat mansion please be cat mansion**

MEGA SAD! I hate this. The pub is cool to the max and I enjoy their nachos and that beer that tastes like grass. I always forget which one it is but they never shame me for asking “which is that one that tastes like ground?” I hear Cornwalls will be honoring the knight’s journey of beer or whatever that thing is so good luck to everyone next year.

Idk man, I feel like it’s pretty effective, I saw this tweet and immediately thought:

Trump = ?

Preeeeetttttyyyy effective in my opinion.

OOOH tiny baby! Look at that drunk in love babe! Just hanging with dad learning about drugs and wearing some kind of foot cape! That is the life!

I KNOW THIS IS ME OK? JUST LET ME HAVE THIS SHINING MOMENT OF SELF PROMOTION! And a pretty sweet takedown of the FreeP. Your move FreePle. Come at me, I dare you. I will destroy you and your poorly planned subject lines.

Carly is a 125-140 lb female that loves to ask people for food. Reserve time with a funny friend on 5/4 or 5/6 by emailing csitrin@buquad.com.



And now, because I will never get to share this with you all again, I present to you, the Best of @BUCasting:

Hmmm. “Preferably with martial arts experience” you say? Seems a little less than friendly. Seems like it should be called Martial Arts Competition. Also, what do you mean “preferably”? What if one of the actors has a martial arts experience and the other one doesn’t? HOW IS THAT FAIR? RIDDLE ME THAT, DEAR FOLKS BEHIND “FRIENDLY COMPETITION” THE MOVIE.

Yes. Yes. Please help me. I’ve just been sitting on this stool in a cold dark basement for years nibbling on Flintstones vitamins and spray cheese. Looking for love and film! Sign me up!

I know there is clearly more to this description but imagine this was it. Imagine if this lovely girl’s boyfriend kept a Nazi as a pet. Just like, to have you know? Gosh or imagine you were that girl and your boyfriend brings you home for the first time and you find out he just has a Nazi hanging around. Dealbreaker? Could be.


If I could go back in time and change one thing I would find myself on June 1st 2016 and carry me gently to the location of this glorious shoot. I wouldn’t say a word and instead play soft hang drum music as I journeyed to my destiny. I hear Robert Downey Jr. was in Allie McBeal. Though now, thanks to black-heart-Netflix, I’ll never truly know.



And that’s truly it buddies. It’s been so fun and goofy and I will sincerely miss making these ALL CAPS collages every week. I hope you enjoyed them even a little.

As always, stay sharp and keep creepin!




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