February in Twenty-Eight Seconds

There are so many tiny, fleeting moments in your life—beautiful, tragic, awkward, funny, ordinary moments. It’s hard to remember them all. That is why I’ve tasked myself with recording a second of my life every day for the rest of this semester. This series is a compilation of one second videos shot every day during the month of February. It shows my life as a second semester senior at Boston University. 

Reflecting, my month has been filled with maybe too many local shows, rehearsals for the Vagina Monologues, and not enough studying. This has been a learning month, naturally some errors were made (note to self to avoid the vertical videos and whoops to the 26th). February was a success as far as local shows went; there were a few weeks where I seemed to be going to shows almost every day. Some of the bands featured include: HouseguestsSt. NothingBox of BirdsGrey SeasonDirty Dirges, and Vundabar. The events and activities you saw included Left of the Dial (WTBU) (#pluggingmyradioshow), Catering on the Charles (work), Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum Sunday Concert SeriesThe Sorrow and the Pity (film), Speak For Yourself (BU’s Spoken Word Collective), and of course plenty of the production I was in, the Vagina Monologues (#VagMo2014). 

If you’re like me, you have told yourself you’re going to start a 365 Days or even 52 weeks project countless times, but the first of January comes and goes and…well February first is almost as good right? This is a series I plan to continue for the rest of the semester, to remember the last few months of undergrad (#nostalgia) and hopefully continue on my own for the rest of the year.

To make this video I used a wonderful Android app called 1 Second Everyday, which has been a huge help in organizing all my videos. If you’re considering starting a One Second Project and don’t feel like messing with a video-editing software or mind recording with your cell phone, definitely look into this app.

What you have to look forward to for March: Mystery, adventure, excitement, midterms! You’ll also see my Spring Break and definitely no music.

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Kara Korab (CAS '14) is a photographer and sometimes writer that hails from Silver Spring, Maryland but if you ask her she will probably just tell you DC because let's be honest you're not really sure where Maryland is. On a typical evening you can find Kara at some live music venue blowing up instagram and getting 'way too into it.' Kara is studying International Relations and History and studied abroad in both Paris and DC and probably talks way to much about it.

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