Whatcha Watching on Thanksgiving?

We’ve almost made it! Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks away, and the prospect of five days of freedom and feasting is like a ray of sunshine in this extreme cold. Whether you’re returning home, embarking on a mini-vacation or relaxing in the dorms, Thanksgiving is also the ideal time to catch up on some quality cinema.

Yet, here’s the dilemma. You’ve just finished a delicious meal and you’re settling down to watch a film with your loved ones when the dreaded question arises: What do we watch?

No need to worry. We’ve asked BU students about their Thanksgiving movie night plans and their answers cover everything from going to the movies, to browsing Netflix; from cinema classics, to the best TV series. So, before you get into any arguments, just take a peek at the list below and you’re sure to find some inspiration.

Jonny Arruda (COM ’20) said his favorite Thanksgiving film is “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” (1987). Not only is it one of the only films that takes place on Thanksgiving, John Gaudy and Steve Martin are also really goofy.

Professor Ken Willinger explained that a film he always associates with Thanksgiving is “The Wizard of Oz” (1939). He cannot tell you exactly why, but back in the days when there were only about three TV networks, one of them was always playing “The Wizard of Oz”, and the entire family loved it.

In contrast to huddling around the TV, Julia Hess (COM ’20) said that one of her Thanksgiving family traditions is to eat dinner, take a nap, have pie and then all go to the movies together. A few years ago they saw “Frozen” (2013), so this year they’ll see “Frozen II” (2019).

Similarly, Alexandra Walton (COM ’20) said that while she does not have a specific favorite Thanksgiving film, she is very excited to go see the new “Charlie’s Angels” (2019) with her sister.

In this strange age when Netflix is still figuring out whether it sees itself as “legit” cinema, you can also spontaneously decide whether to go to the movies or stick with the comforts of home cinema. Zhenjing Gui (COM ’21) says that this break she wants to watch “The Irishman” (2019). Although it’s playing in select cinemas, she will probably see it on Netflix.

Not all cinema outings have to be for new releases though. Kallie Marske (COM ’20) says that this year she will finally get to see “Princess Mononoke” (1997) on the big screen.

If you’re more into comedies, Jose Ponce of the Film and TV department said that one of his personal favorites is “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” (2000). Jose has seen this film 20 times, so maybe this Thanksgiving will mark the 21st time. It is one of the rare comedies that is written so well that even if you know what’s coming, it is still hilarious. In addition to some fantastic lines, it also has a great soundtrack.

Since Thanksgiving covers an entire five days, there’s no reason to just stick to movies. Soso Okonkwo (CAS/COM ’20) said she will use the time to rewatch her favorite shows such as “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.”

If you’re into darker things, Hannah Boyce (Questrom ’20) said that a few years ago she watched the entirety of “Bones” with her mother. Yet, be warned: Although they started on Thanksgiving, it took them up to the summer until they finished it.

Finally, Xinrui Ma (COM ’21) said that she likes to watch various anime and cartoons.

With that, I hope that this Thanksgiving you fill your stomach and feast your eyes. Most important of all,  just enjoy yourself and have fun with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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