BU TweetCreep April 7 – 12

Howdy Creepers!

Carly was swamped with work so you’re all stuck with me today. I’ll try to do this TweetCreep justice. And if you absolutely hate it, don’t worry, because Carly will be back next week.

This week in the news!

We filled that empty seat on the bench of SCOTUS (after going nuclear)

The Daily Show pointed out that Spicer treats journalists like kindergarteners

Speaking of Spicer, it turns out that he never took a World History class, like, ever

United doesn’t give a sh*t if you bought a ticket or not and is horrible at apologizing

A domestic dispute shooting in a special needs classroom in San Bernardino left three dead (two adults, one child) and one child in the hospital — and the 8-year-old boy who passed had a rare disorder

Pulitzer Day!

There was a fire on campus which attracted 8000 firetrucks

Julia, the Muppet with autism, made her Sesame Street debut

Mayor Marty Walsh looks at a lot of random stuff


Onward and tweetward!

Story time. My freshman year, BU Dining Services spelled “dessert” wrong on a calendar THREE DIFFERENT WAYS and when I tweeted to correct them, they called me Hollie. I guess that still isn’t as bad as Justin getting turned into Juice. Give Justin a break! He just feels a lot!!

“significant travel impacts” can also be read as “a nightmare commute for everyone everywhere for the entire summer while Boston dissembles this entire bridge and rebuilds it. and don’t think the green line will save you, that’s out of the equation. hope you learn to teleport!”

I had to turn to Carly’s go-to twitter account, BUCasting. If anyone wants to star in a film about how love and friendships and everything sucks and ends, here’s your shot! How cheery! Take that, nice weather!!


I gave it the old one-two, folks. I’ve only got two funny bones in my body and I consistently seem to hit them on everything, like my body still hasn’t figured out where my elbows are in relation to the rest of the world.

Here’s a gif to make up for my lack of funny. Carly will be back to save you all next week!!

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