BU TweetCreep Mar. 31 – Apr. 6

Big week, Creepers BIG. WEEK. April Fool’s. Opening friggin’ day. Ally McBeal officially leaving Netflix. We don’t have hot water at my home anymore. BIG WEEK.

Campus is really moving and shaking too. COM is undergoing some seriously overdue renovations (I’ve been yelling MOVE THAT BUS whenever I walk by), Student Gov. is in full campaign mode, and the entirety of my feed is just BU Giving Day nonsense. HAVEN’T I GIVEN YOU ENOUGH???? IS THE DEED TO MY HOUSE AND FIRSTBORN SON NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?!

This Week in Newz:

Bill O’Reilly participates in sexual harassment awareness week.


The nuclear option

The other nuclear option


BUBBA THE TURTLE!! Sound on for this one folks.

Someone at the Globe is channelling my essence.

The poetry of borscht

No tea no shade Noname

A truly spectacular piece of radio

Johnny Damon’s website

TweetCreep fan/friend Michael Sol Warren’s delightful short film about a seal. Best line? “It’s so great to live in New Jersey.”


T      W      E      E      T      S!!!!



This is truly it. Peak GIF. Forget all of the text in this tweet, all we need is more of this sweet, sweet GIF. If I could get it tattooed into my lower lip I would do it. I love it. Go Sox!!!!!! AMERICA RUNS ON DUNKIES!!! FENWAY FRANKS!!!! I love Boston.

I do enjoy taking pictures! Is that the only qualification? Sign me up! Get ready for some artsy shots of peoples’ feet and some good perspective pics from behind a chainlink fence. How do we feel about filters? I don’t have an app that does that, but I have some blue cling wrap that I can drape over the lens to simulate nighttime or under the sea. I can’t wait to take photos of those new freshman ~under the sea~ I enjoy taking pictures!!!!

This is just a heartfelt shout out to our head copy editor and figure skating champ Taylor!! CONGRATS AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BUDDY!

I highly recommend reading this whole thread. It is true journalism laid bare. This is how it works folks, you formulate the question, pose it to the experts, and find the answer sometimes where you least expect it. It’s a beautiful CAREER!!!!

Oh. No. Who. Else. Is. Living. In. My. Body.

Identity theft is NOT A JOKE Jim!

BU CASTING CORNER IS BACK!!! This week’s theme: we need men!!

Please be about drag queens, please be about drag queens, please be about drag queens. PLEASE LORD ALMIGHTY FOR ALL THAT IS RIGHTEOUS AND TRU PAUL IN THIS WORLD, PLEASE LET THIS FILM BE ABOUT DRAG QUEENS.

Spotlite. Get it? Its like Spotlight, but less. Spot….lite. If I explain it more will it be funny? I’m laughing. I really wish my home had hot water.

Does one of them leave a sticky note on the other one’s locker but the other one doesn’t see it because there’s a rip in the time-space continuum? And in the alternate universe in which the first one lives, writing has been outlawed and in the other universe where the other male actor is living, reading has been outlawed? I’m excited for this SyFy show! Is Face Off still a thing? That was a good reality show. Oh my gosh, remember Eureka??? I think Netflix canned that masterpiece too. Boo Netflix.

Could be. But is P!nk a choice? I would argue, no. Missundaztood was a fully-realized album that was a true coming-of-age experience for me. Top 10 albums of all time. #P!inkisnotachoice.

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok that’s quite enough of this.


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