Which Cannoli Reigns Supreme?

Recently, my friend Kimberly and I went on a trip to the North End to find out which cannoli reigns supreme. Six cannoli later and three shops later, we were feeling the effects, but we came out with a winner. To determine that winner, we sampled a plain one to see if each store could do a simple cannoli and one with chocolate to see if each store could do the classic cannoli. This is our story. *Law and Order noise*

3. Mike’s Pastry

Coming in last, the famous Mike's Pastry. Located at 300 Hanover St., this little Italy staple did not live up to the hype.
Coming in last, the famous Mike’s Pastry. Located at 300 Hanover St., this little Italy staple did not live up to the hype.

Plain with Chocolate chips:

Kimberly: “This is like dark chocolate though, so I kind of like that. It still has the elements of a cannoli, but it just tastes like chocolate chips. 6.5/10.”

Me: “This is so big. The shell is soft. I appreciate what they’re doing with the chocolate chips, but I can’t taste anything but chocolate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I was going for cannoli. 7/10”.


Kimberly: “This one kind of died. It’s not quite my cannoli-taste worthy. 5.5/10.”

Me: “I would give this a 7/10. There are holes in here.”

2. Maria’s Pastry Shop

Located at 46 Cross Street, Maria's ships anywhere in the US.
Maria’s Pastry Shop, located at 46 Cross Street, ships anywhere in the US.

Chocolate Dipped:

Kimberly: “I like the chocolate, I do, but the way my family rates cannoli is by always trying the plain one. 8.5/10”

Me: “I couldn’t really taste the chocolate, I just tasted a cannoli, but sweeter. 8/10”


Kimberly: “This is some good stuff. It’s very creamy but then there’s a nice crunch. 9/10”

Me: “It’s good, it’s surprisingly nutty. It’s sort of savory and sort of sweet. 8.5/10”

1. Modern

#1 in the list, #1 in our hearts, 257 Hanover St.
#1 in the list, #1 in our hearts; Modern is located at 257 Hanover St.

Plain with Chocolate Chips:

Kimberly: “So many chocolate chips. This cream is more cheesy, it’s more like ricotta. The chocolate chips add the sweetness. 8.5/10”

Me: “I definitely like these better than Maria’s. I love the texture of the chocolate chips. It’s better than the chocolate-dipped shell. 9.5/10.”


Kimberly: “I like the plain better. This place is a hit or a miss but right now these ones are really good. 9/10.”

Me: “That’s really good. It’s more cheesy. 8.5/10”


So in the end, Mike’s was not that good. The shell was soft but it still cracked really easily, and the other two tasted a lot better. Although Maria’s and Modern were both good, Modern had better cream and an amazing texture. Overall, though, it is a bad idea to eat that many cannoli in the span of one hour. Happy cannoli eating!


photos by Carolyn Komatsoulis

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