The Quad Gives Thanks

As families gather around the table today, we thought it would be nice to share the things we here at the Quad are grateful to have in our lives this Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Michelle Cheng, Managing Editor: I am thankful for being able to afford college, the opportunity to pursue my own passions, and for bunnies.

Anita Chiang, Public Relations: I am thankful for being able to live and go to school in such a fabulous city.

Taylor Dean, Head Copy Editor: I’m thankful for everyone in my life who supports me and makes me a better person in everything I do, as well as the opportunities I have at BU.

Yadira Flores, Staff Writer: I’m thankful for this abnormally warm fall, my great and caring roommate, my friends and family, and Einstein’s.

Paige Hill, Copy Editor: I’m thankful for my family for supporting me with school and rowing!

Carolyn Komatsoulis, Staff Photographer: This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for dogs, my family, and my dog’s instagram. I am also incredibly grateful for erratic Boston weather, BU Hockey, the views from StuVi2, and friendship. Most importantly, I am thankful that there is a Chipotle on campus.

Carly Sitrin, Senior Editor: I’m thankful for cozy sweaters, Michael Bublé’s Christmas album and my IUD.

Hallie Smith, Editor-in-Chief: I’m thankful for the impersonations of the narrator in the 13-hour audio book of Wuthering Heights I’ve been listening to and post-Halloween candy corn sales.

Surabhi Subramanian, Copy Editor: I’m thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given in navigating college and also for my friends and family for encouraging and supporting me!

Prithvi Tikhe, Staff Writer: I’m thankful for my family who are there whenever I need them. They are the ones that have given me everything no matter what it took.

Nastassia Velazquez, Staff Writer: I’m thankful for Amazon Prime shipping me Pokemon Sun on the day of its release. Thank goodness for student shipping discounts.

Allie Wimley, Photo Editor: I’m thankful that I get to do what I love every day, that there’s enough caffeine in the world to do it, and for Baxter, my fish.


Featured image by Flickr User CarbonNYC. 

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