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Alexander Golob

Hailing from Wellesley, MA and majoring in painting and political science, Alexander Golob (CFA/CAS’16) isn’t satisfied with the status quo. When he joined the College of Fine Arts Student Government as a freshman, it had four members and a vaguely worded constitution that confused CFA with CAS. Now, CFA Gov has 11 positions and a significantly more specific goal—as Golob articulately puts it, “to be an advocate and resource for student concerns and initiatives; build community between the students, alumni, faculty, and staff; and spread the arts throughout BU and the Greater Boston area.”

Alexander Golob Influential BU | Photo by Kara Korab
Alexander Golob | Photo by Kara Korab

As president of CFA Gov this academic year, Golob initiated several events to accomplish just that. His government coordinated seasonal sales for CFA students to sell their art, involving the CFA Alumni Association. He took the lead to organize a new program that allows CFA students to teach inexpensive, 90-minute art classes to anyone in the community. Aided by the BU Arts Initiative, on whose student advisory board Golob serves, he collaborated with BU Hip-Hop to instigate the first BU Hip-Hop and CFA Gov Street Art Immersion event. Held on the COM Lawn on April 4, the four-hour exhibition gave passersby the opportunity to observe and try their hands at spray-painted street art.

During Golob’s presidency, CFA Gov has gone above and beyond providing resources and support for CFA students. CFA Gov now helps partner students and faculty in different fields for projects that require cross-department collaboration. Students can now address concerns with the CFA building through their government, and since then they’ve secured renovation for the second floor student lounge and the mirrors in the percussion studio. They’ve also had a TV installed on the second floor to help advertise the dozens of art-related events one can find on campus every week.

Golob’s involvement with the BU Arts Initiative has also made an impression on campus. He serves on the advisory board that decides which applicants get matching grants, which can total up to $2,000, for their community-building projects in and around BU. He advocated for a complementary program to help freshmen and international students find and attend arts events together. He also campaigned for the Innovation Grant program recently passed by the BU Student Senate, wherein students from all disciplines can get funding for community-oriented projects.

“My favorite part of being CFA Gov president has been empowering students to make a difference within their community,” Golob explains. “I also love having students who never believed CFA Gov could be their advocate and resource come to us with their ideas and issues. It’s all about fostering a culture of support and innovation.”

Alexander thanks: CFA Student Government, everyone in CFA, the True BU team, and his family.

Written by Lauren Michael

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