Photo Story: Holi 2014

Spring finally sprung in Boston, and for BU, that meant Holi was just around the corner. Organized by the BU Hindu Students Council, Holi is the annual celebration of color and the change in seasons. According to the BU HSC’s Facebook event, roughly 2,000 BU students came together on Cummington Mall to celebrate on Saturday afternoon. While few students seem to know the significance of the celebration, Holi is one of BU’s most popular events of the year. Days before you could overhear people asking, “Oh, is that the thing with the colored powder?”, but many were anxious to attend. Students arrived in white t-shirts, ready to throw brightly colored powder at one another. Within minutes, the once-clean crowd was dancing and laughing, covered from head to toe in a rainbow of colors. If seeing BU students’ faces couldn’t excite the visiting Class of 2018 here for Open House weekend, I don’t know what would. All photos by Hanna Klein.

For even more photos, check out The Quad’s Facebook album of the event.

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Hanna Klein (COM'15) is a photographer for The Quad, studying advertising. She is an expatriate and while she doesn't know where "home" is, she likes to claim Chicago as her own. When she isn't suffering from wanderlust, Hanna likes to listen to the most obscure music she can find and admire hockey players.

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