FASHION S(QUAD): Rare birds

Great style is like pornography; we can’t define it, but we know it when we see it. Walking down Comm Ave, it’s easy to see that Boston University folks have it in spades, although what it means for each of us is wildly different from Terrier to Terrier. Whether it’s in the tapered ankle of an expertly chosen pair of mint-green trousers, the pairing of a classic band tee with a floral skirt, or a massive boom box hoisted expertly over a safari-shirted shoulder, personal style lives not in the clothes we choose to wear, but in the zest and pleasure we feel when putting them on. This week’s group of trendsetters follows many different drum beats, spiritual or, in one case, actual and thumping with bass — but they all show the same playful spirit in their daily garb.

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Sharon Weissburg (CAS 2015) hails from the lovely city of Providence, Rhode Island and loves fashion, literature, music, and art. She's a pretty big fan of pretzels dipped in marshmallow fluff, too.

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