TV These Days!

By Evan Caughey

Every week I create a cartoon making fun of something involving politics, world affairs, or something moderately related to something else. In general, they are meant to make the world more bearable by showing that it is a silly place and that there is always something to laugh about. Unfortunately, they are usually serious things, so you will only laugh until you realize it has to do with something like who your next president will be. Anyway, enjoy.


About Evan Caughey

I am a 22 year old graphic design/creativity person who was born and reared in the wilds of Montana on a strict regiment of whiskey and bear wrestling. After completing most of high school I went and studied in India for two years, where I learned most of what I know now. Like how people of the subcontinent pronounce 'bowl' like 'bowel'. And other things that are important. After that, I came to Boston and started studying photojournalism at Boston University. This proved to be quite depressing, so I switched to advertising and became an alcoholic instead. (Just kidding.) I am now a Junior.

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