Last Words: The Quad Seniors Look Back and Share Some Wisdom

With finals looming and the year ending, The Quad asked its graduating seniors to once again share some thoughts and give advice to the folks they’re leaving behind as they step into that dark abyss that is adulthood.

Liz Breen, COM Film & Television, TweetCreep:
“My freshman year, we found a young woman sitting in our trash room in Claflin completely naked aside from cat ears. The only true piece of advice I have for future BU students? Don’t be that person.”

Sam Galanis, COM Magazine Journalism, Campus and City:
“For me, BU is a place where I made great friends from all over the world, made connections, and had professors who influenced me a great deal. Boston will always be a special place to me.”

Will Huebner, CAS English, Sports:
“It’s important never to get STDs. Make sure your college friends never become drug addicts/suicide bombers/politicians. And one thing I learned the hard way at BU: hold the door open for people behind you. Those CAS swinging doors can do some serious damage.”

Tara Jayakar, CAS English, Campus Editor, Music:
“The friends I made through chance encounters are the friends I plan on being old and senile with (then they’ll be new friends!), so I can’t stress enough how important it is that you be open, be brave, and be kind. And for goodness sake, see a show at BU Central. They’re free! Come on.”

Joel Kahn, COM Film & Television, Co-Publisher, Food:
“I don’t think I know what it takes to have the best college experience, and I probably am under-qualified to give advice to anyone else. However, I can say that I came to BU not wanting to go here at all—and it quickly changed my mind. BU is great. We might knock it for the bureaucracy, PR flubs, or changes in curriculum midway through the semester, but those aren’t the things anyone is going to remember in a few years.

I did come to college hoping to spend my time in an oak library, discussing existentialism. While I ended up with Brutalist architecture and philosophical breakdowns of Kanye West, I am satisfied. BU is so large that it has every type of person you could be hoping to be friends with—there’s no one specific BU stereotype. Because of that I don’t think there is any way to insist that the people at BU are not great. If someone doesn’t like the group they’ve fallen into, it’s easier to find a new club or start talking to a stranger than it would be at any other point in life. So BU wasn’t what I was expecting, but I am very happy with how it ended up, and am unabashedly terrified of what is to come next.”

Ian Moskowitz, CAS Political Science, Politics:
“The busy days and sleepless nights throughout my time at BU have been a source of amusement and education whether they were in Mugar or Allston. There’s no question that I’m going to miss it.”

Annie White, CAS Political Science, Co-Publisher, Politics:
“Never take an 8 am class. But if you do, don’t skip it. Look for the things and the people that make you happy, and surround yourself with them. Don’t believe your professors when they say a project will take all semester, but don’t believe yourself when you think it will only take one night. And eat vegetables.”

Best of luck to our Quad seniors–and all seniors–in their future adventures.

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