Occupy Boston: Two Months In Photos

Occupy Boston, the anti-corporate protest encampment in Dewey Square, has been a focus of local headlines for the past two months. Now, protesters await the city’s final decision December 15 regarding whether the camp can stay overnight in the park. With dissolution¬†an increasingly real possibility, we’ve decided to take a look back over the development, activism, and people in and around this dynamic financial-district enclave.

Protesters fill Dewey Square to get their voices heard. | Photo by Kara Korab
Students make up a large part of the Occupy Boston movement. | Photo by Kara Korab
A socialist subgroup at Occupy Boston | Photo by Kara Korab
The "99%" relay their message during a march. | Photo by Ashley Hansberry
Protesters fill the streets outside of South Station. | Photo by Ashley Hansberry
A protester talks to passers-by as one of 141 arrested in early October, when protesters tried to expand to a prohibited section of Greenway park. | Photo by Conor Gillies
Sybil Copp, an assistant at the Occupy Boston "food tent," distributes sandwiches hand-prepared from donated ingredients. | Photo by Conor Gillies
A guitarist covers Roy Orbison during an open mic session in October. | Photo by Conor Gillies
A skyscraper looms over the encampment. | Photo by Conor Gillies
Occupy Boston endures heavy rainfall in November. | Photo by Conor Gillies
Hundreds gather in November to hear linguist and leftist activist Noam Chomsky talk about financial deregulation, joblessness, and the need for social democracy. | Photo by Conor Gillies
During a march, protesters display signs targeting police and capitalism. These were replaced later by a larger banner that simply read "We are the 99%" | Photo by Conor Gillies
Protesters march through Faneuil Hall chanting "this is what democracy looks like!" The sign reads, "Why are you reading this from home?" | Photo by Conor Gillies

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