Studio Sessions: Anchors Away

Studio Sessions records exclusive live sessions of Boston University’s musicians. The series is brought to you in part by The Quad and Rep Records. The sessions are recorded all around the BU campus. The Sessions are always looking for the next “big” BU band. 

Anchor’s Away has a fast and edgy sound with catchy rhythms and gripping melodies. Their first practices involved carrying amps and drums into the basement of BU’s Myles Standish Hall residence every week, sometimes only to get kicked out. After 6 months of sore backs and blisters, they formed a cohesive sound which, as explained by lead guitarist Aing Kruechalee (CAS ’13) is, “In a word, energy, raw energy,” which is what they always bring to every show. Anchors Away has played BU’s Underground Music Festival, Sammy Carnival, and Battle of the Bands. Their mantra is “give me heaven or hell: but never in between,” meaning they pour all their heart’s into doing what they love, and settle for nothing less.


Studio Sessions: Anchors Away – “Bible Marks” from Rep Records on Vimeo.


Studio Sessions: Anchors Away – “My Heroine” from Rep Records on Vimeo.

Upcoming shows include December 1st at BU Central for the Music Business and Performance Club’s BU Band Showcase and December 2nd in BU’s Sleeper Auditorium for a Students Helping Honduras benefit.

Written by Livia Brown. Video filmed by Livia Brown, Greg Howard, Harry Meltzer, and Erik Rojas. Video edited by Erik Rojas. If you or your band are interested in participating in a Session, contact Livia at

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