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As if Google did not already fulfill all of my internet needs, Facebook/Twitter hybrid Google Buzz launched Tuesday, to everyone’s surprise. While waiting for my Mexican coffee to brew yesterday morning, I opened Gmail only to find a handful of “alerts.” At first I thought they were the junk emails that I get from WordPress, which are usually directed to a folder titled “Evil” (WordPress is the publishing platform we use here at the Quad). However, I was delighted to find that Buzz was telling me that I was “following” 18 people (though I thought that I had more friends than this). Anyway, from my Gmail toolbar I can now tell these 18 friends (or stalkers) what I’m up to in the status bar, upload pictures, and link to Google’s picture consortium Picasa.

I am already obsessed with Google tools Gmail, G-chat, Google Wave, and Google Chrome. They are all so effective, and yet please aesthetically. As a college student, I frequently fall prey to the temptations of procrastination, which are best carried out (of course) on the playground that is the modern internet.

At first, I thought Google Buzz was superfluous: Google Wave already allows me to stalk my friends instantaneously, Gmail allows me to harass my friends who for some unexplainable reason are not glued to their computer screens, and Google Chrome lets me stylishly surf the internet. However, none of these sublime options is a pure social networking tool. Also, Google Buzz comes without all of the annoying and seemingly impossible-to-get-rid-of Facebook applications. It’s like a good hookup.

It’s fun to Buzz. Plus, bees are more relaxed than squeaky, hyperactive birds.

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