BU TweetCreep: Mar. 9 – 16

Welcome home spring breakers! I’ve been patiently waiting for you at the foot of your bed ever since you closed that door a week ago. I just want to curl up in a blanket with you and listen to all of your stories and escapades and gasp at all the right parts!!

I was on my strep-throat deathbed this past week but it’s truly whatever. Ask me about a podcast, any podcast at all. I’ve listened to every single podcast. #trypod this week: Within the Wires. I might have already recommended this on a previous creep but I can’t remember and it’s so good.

Here’s some stuff to get you back up to speed:

Rachel Maddow buried the lede on Trump tax returns Tuesday night causing Twitter to erupt in great jokes.

Fun baby snowpocalyse = no more eggs at Trader Joe’s.

GOP healthcare bill not optimal for anyone really.

Some funtime odds ‘n ends:

The Globe takes space savers VERY SERIOUSLY.

Mrs. Porter’s second grade class made a survey and it will bring a smile to your old cynical face.

The source of my memoir title: “Multi-talented worker who wonders if her new coworkers will talk about her big nose when she’s not in the room.”

Your longread for the week comes with no explanation from me. Just enjoy.

And of course, we remember the incredible beckoner of everything that is lovely, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.


Now 2 the Tweets! 

Join my team! We’re called the Blind Venetians and here’s how we roll: lights come on, music blasting (Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet”), the crowd goes crazy with our signature cheer (“Forza! Forza! Forza!” cause we’re Venetian get it?) we come out on the ice slipping and sliding everywhere (it’s ice, that’s what happens), we form three horizontal lines across the ice and slowly bring out our uniforms/secret weapons (they’re blindfolds), the crowd loses its GD mind (several strong men throw wedding rings onto the ice. I ignore them because of the blindfolds.) The game starts and immediately ends (we score 158 points in the first two minutes. Unheard of in the sport.) Niecy Nash pops up in the announcer’s booth and says her catchphrase (“take off your blindfolds and open your eyes”) we all do as she says. Ty Pennington yells his catchphrase (“MOVE. THAT. BUS.”) The zamboni comes out on the ice dressed up like a bus. It flattens the other team. We go out for pizza after.

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There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than coming to Shabbat dinner with someone named Craig. There’s no better way to celebrate Presidents’ Day than coming to Warren Dining Hall with the pretentious kid from your econ class. There’s no better way to celebrate Labor Day than going to Coffee and Conversation with the dead mouse decaying in my wall right now.

Nothing to see here folks just your typical #college-aged female hanging around this #photoshoot for a cool #photo project around a #jewelry brand! Nice! Generic!

Odd, I’m a female in her early twenties looking for free wifi….



@BUCasting, I’m looking for someone to help me engage in a negotiation role-play. In this situation, we would be negotiating the benefits of leaving the candy wrappers inside their parent bag. I’m gonna need a real hard-liner on this because I’ve got a lot of opinions I’d like to try out. This is sounding vaguely sexual but I swear to god I just want to negotiate with someone new. I’m tired of debating myself all the time.

Judging by this photo, he found that the dyslexic brain CAN READ IN MIDAIR!!! AMAZING!!!

What if I have thoughts that aren’t “yay” and “nay”? I think the new cups are “fine.”

But what about the ~totally tubular~ midday classes? Or the **phat and fly** morning classes? Boo ya amiright? I am keepin’ it so fresh this fine day! Hella tight my kiddos!


Welp that’s all for me shoe-bies. Peace out cub scouts!


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