BU TweetCreep Feb. 3 – 9


Snow time like the present for a GOOOODDDD Tweetcreep!

This week was weird and sports-y. Brady was around for that parade the other day but I couldn’t make it on account of I was smushed by all of that oddly heavy ice/slush/snow. Also I didn’t see ANY of y’all at #truckday! You missed all the Sox equipment being loaded up! Lame. Sad.

What else? We got DeVocalypse, Sessions, Nordstrom, “nevertheless, she persisted,” spicy Melissa McCarthy and this:

Some random treats for your cuddly day:

Mailman preparedness test

Searching for a lost viking ship

Alex Jones is a human

Coretta Scott King’s full 1986 testimony on Sessions.

This American Carnage



Please, Lord, don’t let this be true. Hasn’t The Cure played there? And Obama? Would he count as a Barack concert? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Geez.┬áMarc Anthony has the most number-one albums on the Billboard “Tropical Albums” year-end charts.

Remember when this was the only #fakenews around? Me too. I miss Adele.

OH YEAH HERE WE GO THIS IS IT! Lets ~spin~ to some classics like: “show me the meaning of being lonely,” or “drowning,” or “incomplete,” or “crawling back to you,” or “inconsolable,” or “everything is terrible and my body and heart hurt all the time, please someone make the pain stop.”


Let’s stop celebrating humor. Where has humor ever gotten us? Maybe instead of BU’s Funniest we should have “BU’s Most Competent,” or “BU’s Most Accommodating T Rider.” Seriously dude, get up out of that seat, an elderly pregnant woman with crutches is trying to exist.

Mmm I wonder what this candle would smell like…



Okie dokes artichokes that’s it! Byeeeeeeeeee!

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