BU TweetCreep: Nov. 10-17

Well we’re back Creepers. And what a week it’s been. You know what? Let’s not talk about the president-elect or his alleged disastrous transition. Let’s ignore the role white supremacists may or may not be playing in our government. Actually, let’s avoid discussing politics altogether. And sneakers.

Plenty of wonderful stuff has been shakin’ the nation this week that you might have missed:

The Supermoon brightened my night!

Kate McKinnon made us all cry (this doesn’t count as politics right?)

Tina Fey can’t name 20 latinos

A lot of extraordinary peeps got a medal of freedom

Someone found BTS footage of Disney stars filming that stupid mouse ear promo and it is UNCOMFORTABLE.

Groutfit day is tomorrow!!!!

And this:


We good? Let’s check out the BUsphere!

BU foodie librarians is the greatest account on the web. Hands down. Even their egg avatar–once the symbol of internet trolls and aunts who want to share stock photos of dogs–just feels right here. Who knew all of these amazing books were within reach?!?!? AND WHAT IN THE GOOD LORD’S NAME IS BOILED PUDDING? I guess I could find out at. the. library. See ya in the stacks!

Oh dear. Who wants to explain the concept of death to the BU Buzz? Wait, is that a song reference? Oh man. I’m really lame guys. No, hold on. I’m getting intel that it is in fact a lyric in the popular song “Out of My League” by LA-natives, Fitz and the Tantrums. Yep, definitely a song lyric. Carry on. Forget this one, we’ll edit it out in post, right copy desk? Thanks guys!

Unhelpful and misspelled.

Careful everyone, this feels like an alley-oop by your RA. Whatever you do, don’t mention the hole you punched in the wall when you were doped up on bath salts or speed. And don’t even think about tweeting how you panicked and filled that hole with stolen spoons from the d-hall and your roommate’s spirit jersey before covering it all in a tasteful tapestry. It’s just not worth it.


Mmm endless pancakes. Everything’s gonna be ok.


That’s about it from me folks! I love you all so dearly, please text me when you get home safely!

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