The Quad Staff’s New Year’s Resolutions

Illustration by Allan Lasser

My New Year’s resolution is to… 

“Savor my student discount. Most people know flashing your BU ID at the MFA or the BSO saves bucks. That’s all fine and dandy, but it usually isn’t a trip to the museum that hurts my bank account, it’s a trip down Newbury. In 2012, I intend to savor my student discount at stores like J. Crew, Madewell, and Club Monaco. Five more semesters to cry starving college kid!”—Ingrid Adamow, Campus Writer.

“Learn to play the ukulele. “—Irene Berman-Vaporis, Copy Editor.

“Floss. The dentist calls me out every damn appointment. Next time, Dr. Tinni, I’ll make you proud!”—Liz Breen, The Tweetcreep.

“This year, my New Year’s resolution is simple: to stay way from the bottomless tray of fries in the dining hall. It would be unfortunate if I gained the sophomore sixty (yes, that is a thing I have just made up).”—Ruth Chan, Film Writer.

“I am completely incapable of fulfilling a New Years’ resolution, but that might be because I’m being too unrealistic in my aspirations. So this year, I’m pulling back. I am going to hone in on something I’m good at, and improve myself. So this year, instead of ‘travel more,’ ‘exercise more’ or ‘learn a new language’ I plan to eat as much Nutella as possible.”—Kelly Dickinson, Editor in Chief

“My new year’s resolution is to try something new every week.”—Gabriela Fernandez, Photographer.

“My new year’s resolution is to stop playing bubble spinner in Mugar.”—Meghan Gilligan, Campus Writer.

“I will keep myself and my things organized. Need inspiration? I did. Try here.”—Ashley Hansberry, Photographer/Campus Writer.

“In the new year I resolve to find a job in an effort to prevent stumbling blindly into the Abyss that is post-college adulthood. I resolve to seriously consider grad school at SPH, and to generally be a nicer human.”—Tara Jayakar, Campus Editor.

“My New Years resolution is always the same: To not have a New Year’s resolution. I manage to keep it every year.”—Joel Kahn, Publisher.

“My New Year’s resolution was going to be to stop eating at Panda Express, but I decided it wasn’t realistic. Instead, I’m going to persuade the federal government to set aside land in Montana for the first official feral cat sanctuary.”—Lauren Michael, Copy Editor/Campus Writer.

“Explore Boston. This one has become a cliche but I’m writing it anyway. I decided to go to school in Boston so I could take advantage of all that this city has to offer. Three and a half years later and a catalogue of my activities would make you think I went to school in a sleepy college town in the middle of nowhere, not a vibrant metropolis with hundreds of colleges. I plan on spending my last semester making up for lost time by dining in more of Boston’s restaurants, attending lectures given by distinguished academics, politicos and businessmen, and imbibing somewhere besides Allston bars. As long as the B-line running on time.”—Ian Moskowitz, Politics Writer.

“None. Rules are meant to be broken. “—Briana Seftel, Campus Writer.

“Learn to play the jazz flute.”—Amalie Steidley, Head Copy Editor.

“I will stop letting myself be overwhelmed–there is enough time for everything I need to do, and then some.”—Sharon Weissburg, Fashion Writer.

“This year, I resolve to finally acknowledge the existence of vegetables and their importance in a balanced diet and to find a real job so that I don’t have to make the dreaded move back into my parents’ house after graduation.”—Annie White, Publisher.

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