Youtube Presents: Face-Melting DIY Costume Acrobatics

There are two kinds of DIY halloween costumes: the last minute, closet-created get-ups and the painstaking pieces of art that belong in the halloween hall of fame.

Luckily, the best geeks know to post their hot stuff on Youtube, and there is an incredible treasure-trove of amazing Halloween builds and tutorials if you know where to look. Here is a cross-section of some of Youtube’s DIY all-stars:

Petrilude’s Badass Makeup Tutorials

User Petrilude is known for his world-class makeup tutorials, and this one is no exception. The way the skull blends into the skin is jaw-dropping, and he proves that a man can really do makeup. This week, he’s doing an entire series of zombie makeup tutorials, just in time to perfect your “infected” look for your halloween parties and zombie pub crawls.

selfOblivion’s Jared Leto Cosplay

Now, I am the first one to admit that a girl crossing as Jared Leto doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. But, the way that she mimicks the actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman is uncanny. With the wig and the lighting right, this girl could be the actor’s stunt double. Well played, selfOblivion.

CanineHybrid’s Leafeon Build

This ain’t your little sister’s pikachu costume. The world of Pokemon cosplay gets incredibly intense, and this build of Leafeon shows the great lengths people will go to make a splash. CanineHybrid offers extensive videos on her various full suits, bringing out the Ash Ketchum-loving nerd in all of us.

Volpin’s Daft Punk Helmet

In what is arguably the mecca of DIY costume builds, 17 months of incredibly detailed craftwork whizzes by into a culmination of what may be the coolest, geekiest, most beautiful rendering of Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo’s robot helmet. Plus, there’s an adorable corgi thrown into the mix for good measure. This video will keep your eyes glued wide-open, and make you wish you were handy with fiberglass and a soldering gun.

Halloween is the time of year to go over-the-top, and these Youtube users certainly raise the bar. Let’s just hope that no one shows up to your next costume contest with a rotating LED mech suit.

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