5 Rules (For the Ladies) to Follow on Spring Break


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As our exams and papers have for the most part ceased to rule our lives, we as students look towards spring break for fun and relaxation. Sitting on the floor of a public bathroom and puking isn’t my particular type of relaxation but I know that some of you disagree. Here are a few social rules to live by during spring break that will hopefully keep your dignity and your head out of the toilet.

1. Keep your bikini top ON.

I’m sorry ladies, but this also means no wet t-shirt contests. Flashing has become so MTV-1995. If you get into it you are shaming all of us and committing yourself to a life of being “that girl.” If you must let your shewolves out of their closet this week, do so in private and with someone that you have known for more than two hours.

2. Keep away the beer tears.

If you are out on spring break then that means that everyone around you is out to have fun. Nobody wants to put down their Captain Morgan and be the one to comfort the girl who has had a few too many and misses her cat. Lets make a general rule and keep it to a maximum of three shots – for everyone’s sake.

3. Don’t get a tattoo.

If it were any other time of year I would have no problem with you all getting inked in any place that your little hearts desire. HOWEVER, tattoo choices made on spring break are most likely not to end well; I’m picturing lots of butterflies and tramp stamps. So please, just wait out the week. If you still want the tattoo after the party has passed, then be my guest.

4.  Use a condom.

Spring break is quite possibly the worst time in the world for an unwanted child or an unwanted STI. Have plenty of fun, just don’t be stupid about it. It’s OKAY for girls to carry condoms too. It’s called being responsible.

5. Use sunscreen.

There is nothing less sexy than being the one inside rubbing massive amounts of lidocane on your crispy, peeling body. Don’t be ashamed to break out the SPF 35; it could easily save your vacation.

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