The Problem with the Anti-Valentine’s Party

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Having lunch in BU Central every Tuesday and Thursday typically saves me from having to deal with the people handing out annoying fliers in the GSU. Seriously, I’m not going to use realtors that spend their time schlepping around college campuses when they should be showing apartments. Give it up already. But that is beside the point. This Tuesday, as I was eating my vegan noodles and minding my own business, I saw fliers and a giant chalkboard sign for an Anti-Valentine’s Day party to be held in BU Central this Saturday.

To be totally honest, I’m slightly disgusted that this party is even happening. Here I am, a junior in college, thinking that my peers are mature enough to be over the angst surrounding being alone on Valentine’s. Silly me for thinking that life is more than just a live action Cathy comic.

Aside from the general immaturity that seems to surface around Valentine’s Day, I am immensely disappointed in BU Central for encouraging this middle school behavior. People need to stop making an effort to show their bitterness against this holiday. It’s ridiculous. Even if you are not part of a couple, you have friends and family who probably love you (unless you are as bitter in general as you are about this holiday), and thus you have no reason to walk around feeling sorry for yourself. So no one is giving you a heart shaped cardboard box that is only going to lead to a stomachache at the end of the night. So sad.

Really, BU Central? Is there nothing better you can do with your time near Valentine’s Day? How about a fundraiser for heart disease research? This fundraiser would serve a purpose that would actually HELP PEOPLE rather than giving attention hungry students yet another reason to bitch and moan about their lives.

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3 Comments on “The Problem with the Anti-Valentine’s Party”

  1. Seriously? The only one who sounds overly bitter is the author of this article. Get over yourself, if people want to self-indulge in a day of bitterness on Valentine’s Day, who are you to rain your holier-than-thou attitude down on them?

  2. I agree with “Anonymous” above. There is a fine line between not participating in a little harmless V-day resistance… and condemning all who do immature little bids with nothing better to do.

    Me thinks this article is a defense mechanism employed to contain the fact that the author herself is a closet V-day-hater who uses the aforementioned holier-than-thou attitude to overcome the fact that she is completely alone.

    I also want to ask why the author found it necessary to include that her noodles were vegan. So you’re judging V-day haters *and* meat-eaters? Wow, two birds.

  3. I mean, I have no problem with being Anti-Valentine’s Day, as in opposing a corporate holiday that shoves gross boy-girl relationships down your throat, makes tons of people feel insufficient and implies that love requires purchases.
    I do think that being upset that you don’t have a relationship thus being anti-valentine’s day is a little silly- because you’d have to buy into the idea of the holiday (that you’re not worth much if you’re not in a relationship) to do that.
    The holiday itself is the problem- it’s set up to make people feel bad about themselves- so how upset can you be at the ways that different people chose to deal with the insufficiency they’re encouraged to feel?

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