Tablet Rumors False After All; Apple Announces Large iPhone Instead

Screenshot from Apple's new promo Ad

Apple defied all expectations today by announcing a ten-inch iPhone rather than their expected Tablet computer, resulting in a massive embarrassment for news outlets, stock holders, and trending Twitter topics.

The upgraded 3G touch screen will feature enhanced versions of all aspects of the iPhone, and include an “iBooks” app and its own version of iWork.

One day we’ll get there, everybody.

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3 Comments on “Tablet Rumors False After All; Apple Announces Large iPhone Instead”

  1. Hilarious as usual Mr. Scully, and nice to have you back. Frankly though, I think it does pretty much everything you could reasonably expect an underpowered netbook to do, and then some, just in a less computer-y (but much cooler) way. The difference is that the (max)iPad is $250 more expensive with no keyboard (unless you buy the dock). I wish the OS was more flexible (and had a real file browser, come on!), just like I do with my iPhone, but I admit that I will never again own another phone. It would be unthinkable. By the same token, given the short hands on videos I’ve seen so far, once I do get my hands on one of these things, I’ll probably never read a book, a newspaper, take notes, or watch video on anything else. The truth is, it has just enough capability to be useful for exactly the things my
    mbp and iPhone aren’t, granted with some overlap, and it’s got an apple logo on it. I may be a fanboy, but I’m willing to bet there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million other people who feel the same way I do – and this is just generation one.

  2. I don’t own an iPhone, but I do have an iPod touch, and I love the thing. But the iPad (who thought of that name?) is really a niche product that only caters to people who have neither the iPhone or the iPod touch. It’s a nice device, but what does it really do Gabe? It’s a fancy ebook reader + an iPod. It doesn’t support flash, It doesn’t have an SD card slot, but for an extra $30 you can get an adapter to use USB with it (that’s ridiculous, as USB is the industry standard.) It doesn’t multitask. I was hoping for a reasonable product for photo purposes. One that would allow me to not haul around my macbook and easily upload photos to either a separate server or to the lovely 64gb of space to save for later, but with no way to get the photos ON the thing without fighting with expensive adapters, there’s no point. The portability does not outweigh function in this case. Sorry apple, I may also be a fangirl, but this seems so useless unless you want a fancy ebook reader.

  3. The iTampo… i mean iPad is more than just big iPhone. You just have to squint REALLY hard and think about it as a really cool netbook =)Seriously though, this thing is FAST and BIG. If i didn’t need some of the editing software I have now I would get this without a moments notice.

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